UBC Award of Achievement Program

Racism is a pervasive and deep-rooted form of oppression that is wired into the DNA of our organizations and communities. Dismantling racial injustices requires us to act with conviction, commitment and courage.

The UBC Award of Achievement in Anti-Racism expands your understanding of identity, power and white privilege in the context of colonial realities. The courses develop your critical skills and awareness to facilitate and support anti-racist and anti-oppression practices and strategies within organizational settings. They provide a roadmap as you rethink allyship to rout out racism in tangible ways.

  • Program Format: Can be completed 100% online
  • Duration: Requires completion of three anti-racism courses and two diversity and inclusion elective courses, totalling 125 course hours
  • Cost: From $3,225 to $4,290, including a non-refundable application fee
  • Applications accepted any time

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