American Sign Language

UBC Award of Achievement Program

This Award of Achievement program will be discontinued effective March 2022. We’re no longer accepting applications, and have contacted students registered in this program. If you’re a student and have not heard from us by now, please contact us. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your education goals and ensure you can reach them.

The UBC Award of Achievement in American Sign Language (ASL) develops your fluency in the predominate sign language used by half a million North Americans.  

Learn how to use your hands, face and body to hold conversations, from simple to complex, and to forge meaningful connections and relationships with the Deaf community. In every lesson, you’re introduced to Deaf culture, knowledge that will enhance your communication skills and deepen your appreciation for the language.

  • Courses are offered part-time and in-class in the evening or on Saturday mornings at UBC Robson Square in downtown Vancouver.
  • Costs between $1,770 and $1,870 including textbook and application fee.
  • The entry level course, Beginner 1, is offered in every term and in Summer Intensives.
  • Requires completion of a minimum of four courses.
  • We accept applications continuously.

Please note if you successfully complete this UBC Award of Achievement, you’re eligible to take ASL Upper Intermediate offered once a year in September (provided there’s adequate enrolment). You complete the final unit of Signing Naturally in this course.

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