How to Submit a Project Proposal

2020 Proposals Are Due January 26, 2021

  • Only proponents that received notification of approval to proceed to the proposal development stage can submit a proposal. No other proposals will be accepted.
  • Faculties will be asked provide feedback on full proposals prior to adjudication. 
  • Before proceeding, please review all of the criteria for the OLAF.
  • The OLAF team is available for consultation on your proposal up until three weeks before the final proposal deadline (Jan 5).
  • Applicants are asked not to forward applications directly to faculty deans' offices or to the Office of the Provost and VP Academic.
  • All proposals must be submitted via email (along with relevant attachments as outlined in the proposal template) as a Word doc or PDF to
  • Late proposals will not be accepted.

Project Proposal Template

You can find the 2020 Proposal Template here

  • Proposals should be written in a language that is understandable to a non-specialist. Bullet points, where possible, are preferred. All sections within the template must be completed.
  • The italicized copy in each section is intended as suggestions on how to answer each section but it is not meant to be definitive.
  • When completing the template, please delete the italicized copy in each section from your proposal submission.
  • We have created a project budget worksheet here. It must accompany your project proposal submission as an .xls file. Note: You are required to consult/check-in with the OLAF team ( about your budget before the final submission.