Nadia's Story: Intentions and Outcomes

Nadia's Story: Intentions and Outcomes

Nadia's Story:
Intentions and Outcomes

"I’m originally from Pakistan. I had the privilege of living in many countries when I was growing up – Algeria, Libya, Ghana, and Congo.

Early exposure to these countries made me appreciate the strength and beauty of cultures and communities, and eventually led me to pursue work in international development.

I started my career managing IT and business strategy projects around the world. But over the last few years, I transitioned to international development work. I quickly found that despite my good intentions, my corporate sector approach was not always a good fit in this space. Something was missing.

I needed to better understand the complex dynamics of international development assignments. I discovered the UBC Certificate in International Development and it was exactly what I was looking for.

The program helped me hone my understanding of the intricacies of international development. I was able to explore opportunities and solutions and break out of the corporate mindset, all in a safe, nurturing environment. The online format also allowed me to balance my studies, work, and my family life.

Today, I’m able to engage in projects in a more meaningful manner, ensuring the dignity of those benefitting from the project while meeting the goals of funders.

I’m more confident with my skills and want to use what I’ve learned to develop low-cost IT solutions for education, literacy, and capacity building in the developing world."

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