Setting Up a UBC Campus-Wide Login (CWL)

To access your courses in Canvas, one of the learning management systems we use to host our courses, you need to set up a basic UBC Campus-Wide Login (CWL).*

You don’t need to create a new CWL login if you’re a UBC student, alumni, staff member or Faculty. You also don’t need a new CWL if you created one for a previous course.

Important: If this is your first time taking an Extended Learning course, you will need to email us your CWL log in name at least three business days prior to the course start date.

How to create a basic CWL account

Go to Campus-Wide Login (CWL) Account SignUp and follow the on-screen steps to create your new CWL account.

  1. Please use the same first name and last name that is on your Extended Learning registration account when asked to create your identity. Make a note your CWL login name.
  2. Next, when you're asked to validate your identity and select your affiliation type, be sure to choose Basic Account, NOT Extended Learning. We know this might be confusing, however a basic account is needed for Canvas.
  3. After you’ve created your CWL account, you’ll receive an email confirmation to activate your account. You must click on the link to activate your account within 72 hours, otherwise your account will be removed from the system.
  4. Email with your CWL login name only (do not include your password) at least three business days prior to the course start date. Please make sure you provide us with your current email address so that we can ensure you receive notices regarding your course. All communication about your course is done by email.
  5. One to seven days before your course, we’ll send you an email with information on accessing your course. Please note we can’t send you course information until you’ve provided us your CWL login name.

If you do not remember your CWL login name or your password, you can call the IT Helpdesk at 604 822 2008. If you forgot your CWL password, you can reset your password. Click “Forgot CWL Password” and follow the steps to retrieve/reset your password. If you are unable to reset your password, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

*UBC Future Global Leaders and Biomedical Visualization and Communication courses are hosted on Canvas, but require an Extended Learning CWL. If you’re enrolled in one of these programs, you’ll receive detailed instructions by email on creating an ExL CWL.