Ukraine and Russia: A Cultural History

Between Russia’s initial military attack on Ukraine in 2014 and the full-scale invasion in 2022, President Vladimir Putin published a telling essay, On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians, a pseudo-historical study that has been weaponized to justify Russia’s war of aggression. The text denies the existence of a distinct Ukrainian nation and argues that the very idea of a Ukrainian people was invented by the Russophobic West in an effort to weaken the great Russian nation.

Examine the evolution of Russia and Ukraine and how this history informs current political debates. Review the cultural history that has at times connected these two nations but much more frequently has put them at odds – and at war – with one another.

Dr. FLORIAN GASSNER, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the UBC Department of Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies. He’s a former Fellow of the New Europe College in Bucharest, and has represented the German Academic Exchange Service at the Donetsk National University in Ukraine. His research focuses in the cultural history of Central and Eastern Europe.

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Oct 31, 2022-Dec 5, 2022 | Online | $130.00

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Oct 31, 2022-Dec 5, 2022
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1nstructor: Florian Gassner

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