Spanish Translation Part 2

Enhance translation, writing and editing skills acquired in Introduction to Spanish Translation and prepare to work in the translation industry or in other related professional fields such as medicine, law or media. Develop bilingual documentation skills, learn research methods to find medical, legal and news terminology databases and study characteristics of various types of specialized discourse in these fields. Review specific SPN>ENGL and ENGL>SPN grammatical difficulties and focus on comparative and contrastive studies of grammatical structures and glossary building.  This course will run as an accelerated format in Summer 2015.

Note: Advanced Spanish Translation Parts 2 & 3 are not intended to be sequential. Each course offers different topics,  exercises, texts and terminology. Students may take either one of the courses before the other.

Prerequisite: Introduction to Spanish Translation (WT301) is required.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.

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