A Short History of Home: British Columbia

Explore the reasons why people can look at the same patch of land or length of coastline and imagine quite contradictory possibilities, enlisting stories of progress or decline to either justify or condemn development schemes. Understand how the archives is involved in unresolved Indigenous land claims and how researchers compete to write histories that define how we ought to redistribute access to resources.

Feel free to come with a specific topic or interest in mind that you would like to explore in the archives. Or, just come with an open mind ready to be inspired. While not necessary, you might want to bring a laptop or tablet to facilitate your research.

DAVID BROWNSTEIN is an historical geographer and lectures in the UBC departments of geography and history. He is currently co-editing a series on Canada’s forest history. David is also the principal of Klahanie Research Ltd, a Vancouver firm specializing in applied historical and geographic research.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.

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