Self-Publish, Brand and Market Your Book

Do you dream of self-publishing a book? Have you started writing, or perhaps have completed a manuscript, and don’t know what to do next? Do you feel overwhelmed by the whole process?  

Learn step-by-step from a successful self-published author and entrepreneur how to self-publish, market, brand and monetize a book. Get professional and supportive guidance to write and self-publish a book that inspires readers and is authentically aligned with you as an author. 

Course Overview 

Week 1: Embody your author identity and clarify your dream reader  
Week 2: Create your author brand and write your author bio  
Week 3: Book production 101  
Week 4: From book launch to bestseller  
Week 5: Social media marketing  
Week 6: Other marketing strategies and wrap-up 

Whether you want to self-publish a book for the love of writing, share an important message and inspire others, build credibility, make passive income or grow a business, this course is for you. Upon completion, you’ll leave with a sense of empowerment in your career as an author, while keeping creative control of your current and future books. 

Even if your goal isn’t to become a bestseller, you’ll have all the tools you need to produce and design a high-quality book you’re proud of and able to share with an audience that matters to you. 

How am I Assessed? 
This course is marked complete/incomplete, and is based on your attendance and participation. Your instructor provides you personalized feedback on your bio, branding, marketing plan and other launch deliverables. 

Expected Effort 
Expect to spend 3–4 hours per week completing readings, exercises and assignments, and participating in online discussion forums. 

Technology Requirements 
To take this course, you’ll need access to: 

  • an email account 
  • a computer, laptop or tablet  
  • the latest version of a web browser (or previous major version release) 
  • a reliable internet connection. 

For virtual office hours, you’ll also need: 

  • a video camera and microphone. 

One day before the start of your course, we’ll email you step-by-step instructions for accessing your course. 

There are no textbooks for this course.

Course Format

This course is 100% online and instructor supported. Log in anytime to your course to access the lessons as they become available. Coursework and resources include activities, videos, exercises, templates, checklists and guided visualizations. This course does not have live online classes, however your instructor is available to answer your questions throughout the course.

Weekly Office Hours
Tuesdays, 5:30–6:15pm Pacific Time
This course offers optional weekly drop-in virtual office hours. Join your instructor and classmates by video conferencing to discuss course materials and assignments, receive feedback and ask questions.

Please note you can log in to your course for up to three weeks after the course ends. You’ll no longer be able to access course materials after this time.

Available Sessions

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Feb 21, 2023-Apr 3, 2023 | Online | $610.00

Format: Online, Instructor Supported
Code: WG407W23O
Feb 21, 2023-Apr 3, 2023
Optional Tuesdays, 5:30pm-6:15pm
6 sessions

1nstructor: Pia Edberg

Fees / Tuition

Type Fee Tax Total
$610.00 $30.50 $640.50