Report and Business Writing

Develop three core competencies of business writing: strategy, mechanics, and professional image. With such competencies anchoring the course material, you are immersed in the process of planning, writing, and revising business documents. By the end of the course:  

  • Analyze writing contexts, target specific audiences, and use reliable strategies to produce clear, purposeful business writing.
  • Follow a structured approach to planning, drafting, and revising your business documents.
  • Project a strong professional image for yourself (and your organization) through business writing.
  • Read to analyze, synthesize, and apply information.
  • Manage business writing strategy, mechanics, and professional image to produce writing that demonstrates critical thinking.
  • Engage productively in discussions and give peer feedback that is positive and constructive.

View a sample outline for the course.

Required textbook:

  • Meyer, Carolyn. Communicating for Results: A Canadian Student’s Guide, 3rd Edition


This course can be applied to the UBC Certificate in Professional Communication.

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This course is offered 100% online.

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Sep 26-Nov 17, 2017 | Online | $740.00

Format: Online
Code: AW504F17O
Sep 26-Nov 17, 2017

1nstructor: Eric Tung

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