Reading and Writing French - Advanced 5

Reading and Writing French – Advanced 1–10 courses are designed to improve the accuracy, fluency and clarity of your written French communication. These courses add sophistication and polish to your writing while enriching your understanding of Francophone cultures and their nuances.  

Advanced 1–10 courses are independent from one another, and can be taken in any sequence.

Each course consists of nine weekly units that begin with a socio-cultural reading from a French publication that serve as the basis for grammar and vocabulary lessons. Some of the topics covered in Advanced 5 include:

  • depuis-pendant-dans-en-pour-durant et an/année
  • impératif présent avec pronoms
  • impératif passé + passé récent
  • conjonctions
  • précisions sur les articles définis et indéfinis

View a detailed course outline for Advanced 5.

Weekly writing assignments, activities and readings drawn from a variety of materials let you practise and master writing skills. Broaden your vocabulary and elevate your writing skills by using basic translation tools and studying the difference between French and English.

Note: An upper intermediate level of French is required. To be sure these courses are right for you, take our quick reading and writing self-assessment. You should be able to check off 80% of the boxes under Advanced (B2 in Common European Framework). 

How am I Assessed?
You receive individualized feedback from your instructor and are assessed on small weekly writing assignments related to the topics and themes. You also complete short interactive quizzes on the grammar and vocabulary topics presented each week.

Technology Requirements

To take this course, you’ll need access to:

  • an email account
  • a computer, laptop or tablet under five years old and using Windows or macOS
  • the latest version of a web browser (or previous major version release)
  • a reliable internet connection.

One day before the start of your course, we’ll email you step-by-step instructions for accessing your course.

There are no textbooks for this course.

Course Format

This course is 100% online and instructor supported. Course work is done independently and at your own pace within deadlines set by your instructor. Log in anytime to your course to access the lessons as they become available.

Available Sessions

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Apr 30, 2024-Jul 1, 2024 | Online | $570.00

Format: Online, Instructor Supported
Code: AF507W24P
Apr 30, 2024-Jul 1, 2024
9 sessions


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Jul 9, 2024-Sep 9, 2024 | Online | $570.00

Format: Online, Instructor Supported
Code: AF507S24O
Jul 9, 2024-Sep 9, 2024
9 sessions

1nstructor: Chantale Roy

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