Reading and Writing French - Advanced 1-10

Reading and Writing French – Advanced 1–10 courses are designed to improve the accuracy, fluency and clarity of your written communication. If you consider yourself fluent in spoken French, and can comfortably hold a conversation on a variety of topics, these courses add sophistication and polish to your writing while enriching your understanding of French culture and its nuances.  

UBC Extended Learning students who have completed our intermediate-level reading and writing courses will continue to progress in the foundational skills they have developed. To be sure these courses are right for you, take our quick reading and writing self-assessment.

You should be able to check off 80% of the boxes under Advanced (B2 in Common European Framework). 

Each course consists of nine weekly units that begin with a socio-cultural reading from a French publication. These readings serve as the basis for grammar and vocabulary lessons. A variety of activities and assignments lets you practise and master writing skills.  

Courses are independent from one anotherBrowse the course descriptions to see which grammar lessons or topics catch your interest, or simply follow the courses in sequence. When registering, check the course number(s) you wish to take and proceed to the checkout.   

Please click the links below to view the course syllabi:

Advanced 1 Advanced 6
Advanced 2 Advanced 7
Advanced 3 Advanced 8
Advanced 4 Advanced 9
Advanced 5 Advanced 10

Course Format

About Online Learning 
Our Reading and Writing courses are purpose-built for online learning using UBC instructional design resources and tools. 

Online courses are hosted on the intuitive learning management platform Canvas. Every week, your instructor releases a new module or lesson. Each lesson might include materials such as class notes, readings, links to articles, videos and practice exercises. You may also be asked to post on discussion boards and submit assignments. 

Your instructor is there to provide you feedback on your work, and guide online forum discussions. Some may hold virtual office hours. You can also communicate with your instructor through Canvas. 

Expect to spend two to three hours per week on your course – you do get out what you put in! You can log in anytime day or night. Some courses, however, might include exercises and assignments with deadlines. Materials will be available for two weeks after the course ends, after which time you will no longer be able to access the course. 

We will send you instructions on accessing Canvas before your first class. 

Learn more about online learning at UBC Extended Learning. 

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