Portuguese Intermediate 1

In the Intermediate I level you continue to expand your vocabulary and elevate your level of language by  adding to your understanding of more complex grammatical structures. You concentrate on speaking correctly and expanding your use of the past, present and future tenses. In addition, you practice further nuances of Portuguese, including correct levels of language to use in various situations.

How am I Assessed?
This is a non-credit course without letter or numerical grades. You receive verbal feedback on your conversation and grammar skills from your instructor during class. Written homework is typically corrected in class. Some lesson modules may include quizzes.

Technology Requirements
You’ll need access to a laptop or desktop computer or tablet, an email account, and internet access and an up-to-date web browser. For real-time classes, you’ll also need access to a video camera and microphone.

There is no textbook for this course.

Course Format

The format of this course is online.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.