Online Workshop: Resourceful Design Innovation by Re-imagining Existing Urban Assets

Look at the potential of reusing, repurposing, and re-imagining a wide variety of urban assets, including existing infrastructure, materials, buildings, structures and systems. Consider how using the skillsets of municipal employees in new ways.

Explore a variety of practical case studies, from smaller examples of repurposing of material and street structures, to larger issues of re-imagining main streets,  high streets and areas of post-industrial cities. Benefit from instructor Scott Burnham’s analysis, and hands-on examples from his own international projects that use existing urban materials, structures and systems in new ways to increase functionality and to improve the daily lives of urban residents.

Our cultural planning workshops are designed to fill the gap between a short webinar and a longer online course. Led by international cultural experts, workshops combine presentations and group discussion over three 2-hour online sessions. You can access an online discussion board to share information and for group discussion during the three weeks. These workshops aren’t graded.

Course Format

The format of this workshop is 100% online.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.