Online Workshop: Eventful Communities: the Strategic Use of Festivals and Events

Events such as festivals, exhibitions, shows, fairs and celebrations are important cultural practices that contribute to tourism, social life and identity. Throughout the world, events support the economic and cultural development and regeneration of cities and towns.

Using case studies, focus on understanding the objectives of different kinds of events, and understand how events can help fulfil broader goals. Distinguish between events that take place in communities, and the strategy of eventful communities. Explore the strategic and practical issues of creating, planning, promoting, financing and managing cultural events.

Throughout the workshops, you are encouraged to ask questions, interact with your peers, and share your experiences about how events have contributed to your city's development.

For this workshop, we recommend that you purchase the optional textbook: Eventful Cities: Cultural Management and Urban Revitalization (Richards and Palmer, 2010).

Our cultural planning workshops are designed to fill the gap between a short webinar and a longer course. Led by international cultural experts, workshops combine presentations and group discussion over three, two-hour online sessions. You can access an online discussion board to share information and take part in group discussions during the three weeks. These workshops are not graded.

Course Format

The format of this workshop is 100% online.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.