Online Workshop: Digital Culture and Museums

The use of digital technologies in museums offers new ways to reach and communicate with audiences and to organise, aggregate and present knowledge and ideas. Using a host of examples from the UK museums sector and beyond, this workshop examines ways in which museums are responding to some key digital trends and challenges, including:

  • How can museums make their digital collections content fit for purpose?
  • How do museums respond to user expectations around content sharing, reuse and re-purposing from individuals, the creative industries and the education sector?
  • How do we know what’s working? We look at approaches museums, galleries and performing arts organisations are taking to track and analyse online reach and engagement and its impacts on their digital strategies.
  • What can we learn from institutions that are ahead of the curve? We look at a range of projects that have found success through tactics such as targeted use of social media; in-gallery digital enhancing the visitor experience; striking a crowd-sourcing chord; beautiful design and thoughtful use of high quality content.  

This workshop is designed to fill the gap between a typical short webinar and a longer online course. Each workshop is led by an international expert, combines lectures and small group discussion, and meets online for two (2) hours, once a week for three weeks. There is also an online discussion board for sharing information and group discussion during the three weeks.  There is no grading.

Instructor: Anra Kennedy

Standard Fee: $325 CAN

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This workshop can be applied to the UBC Certificate in Cultural Planning.

Course Format

The format of this workshop is 100% online.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.

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