Online Workshop: Cultural Practices and Strategies in the Digital Realm

This online workshop focuses on the integration of new technologies and online tools in the arts and culture sector. It examines changes and challenges in international cultural practices spurred the digital era. Participants will analyze diverse strategies and tools for enabling interactive and participatory ways of creating, promoting, and disseminating cultural projects and content in the digital realm.

The workshop includes topics related to the specificities of the digital realm, digitalization of arts and cultural heritage, digital entrepreneurship in the arts, online business models, online marketing techniques, digital audiences and their influence on arts products, copyright challenges as a result of digitalization, digital partnership strategies, and policy support for digitalization in the cultural sector. The workshop places a special emphasis on the connection between cultural policy, organizational strategy, artistic creation, and ongoing audience involvement in the context of the digital realm.

On completion of the workshop you will:

  • Be able to differentiate between various digital strategies and tools applied in the arts and culture sector.
  • Be familiar with diverse concepts and innovative practices of organizations, networks, and individual artists in the digital environment.
  • Be equipped with practical tips for creating, promoting, and disseminating diverse digital cultural projects and products.
  • Understand the economic and social impact of digitalization of cultural practices.
  • Have access to diverse online platforms and collaboration tools and increase your international networks.
  • Be aware of the success factors and failures behind diverse innovative ideas and artistic projects in the digital networking environment.

This workshop is designed to fill the gap between a typical short webinar and a longer online course. Each workshop is led by an international expert, combines lectures and small group discussion, and meets online for two (2) hours, once a week for three weeks. There is also an online space for discussion and sharing information during the three weeks. Additional lists of resources for further reading are provided after each session. There is no grading.

Instructor: Lidia Varbanova

Standard Fee: $325

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