Online Workshop: Ask the Audience - Public Participation in Decision-Making

This online workshop focuses on the principles and practices underpinning the trend towards participatory decision making in the public sector.  It explores the possibilities and challenges in implementing such practices within the cultural sector through a combination of policy analysis, the study of case study examples, and examination of toolkits and evaluations of existing practice. Students are encouraged to share their own experiences and apply learning to their practice so that by the end of the programme participants are able to identify appropriate models in implementing such approaches. By the end of this workshop, you will have:

  • Developed your knowledge of key theories in the participation debate;
  • Critically examined tools and techniques to engage the public in decision making;
  • Contextualised learning to cases studies of best practices; and,
  • Applied learning to the context of your own community or organisation.

This workshop is designed to fill the gap between a typical short webinar and a longer online course. Each workshop is led by an international expert, combines lectures and small group discussion, and meets online for two (2) hours, once a week for three weeks. There is also an online discussion board for sharing information and group discussion during the three weeks.  There is no grading. 

Instructor: Dr. Leila Jancovich

Standard Fee: $325 CAN

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