One Day at UBC: Under the Influence - An Introduction to Social Psychology

Why do people conform when in groups? When are we most and least likely to help strangers? How do stereotypes emerge and why do they persist? Learn how psychologists answer these questions—and more—in this introduction to social psychology, the study of how others influence our thinking and behaviour. Discuss some of the most famous theories and studies of the field through interactive and hands-on activities.

Lucy De Souza, MA, is a graduate student working toward her PhD in the Department of Psychology at UBC. Her research focuses on stereotyping and discrimination, specifically how social identities shape women’s experiences in male-dominated fields. She has taught social psychology as a teaching assistant and seminar instructor for three years, and is excited to have the opportunity to teach the subject to a broader audience.

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Mar 2-Mar 2, 2019 | Sat | 10:00 AM-3:30 PM |UBC Point Grey | $50.00

Format: In-Class
Code: UQ510W19A
Offered: On Sat
Mar 2-Mar 2, 2019
From: 10:00 AM-3:30 PM

1nstructor: Lucy De Souza

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