One Day @ UBC: Introduction to Russian Culture

Are you planning a trip to Russia or on taking a Russian language class, or are interested in differences between Western and Eastern cultures?

Explore a selection of themes related to Russia and Russian culture through lecture, film clips, slides and class discussion. Starting with an understanding of the meanings of culture and national identity, get an overview of the language, geography and population of Russia. Appreciate the customs, traditions and etiquette of its people, and understand Russian philosophical thought by identifying the distinctive Russian features in Dostoevsky's and Tolstoy’s writing.

Challenge your own cultural preconceptions by understanding Russian beliefs, values and conventions, and comparing Russian’s view of their culture and Western perspectives. Develop your cultural sensitivity by reflecting on the peculiarities and influences of Russian culture.

VETA CHITNEV, MEd, MA, is originally from Moscow. She teaches and coordinates Russian language courses at UBC, where she is also the director of the Global Seminars Program Exploring Russian Culture and National Identity. Veta specializes in teaching Russian as a second language, pedagogy, curriculum development and intercultural studies. She holds a master’s in education from Moscow State Regional University, and an educational psychology master’s from Simon Fraser University.

Available Sessions

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