One Day at UBC: Healthcare Ethics - Understanding the Humanity in Medicine

We will all require healthcare services at some point, and certain demographics require more attention than others. While we may be curious about our healthcare practices and medical system, we don’t often discuss the ethics of our systems. Explore the foundations and basic principles involved in biomedical ethics. Learn about con´Čéicts and issues in contemporary medical ethics and critically investigate some proposed solutions to these concerns. Engage in discussions about the ethics of healthcare issues that matter to you most. No prior experience in philosophy or healthcare is required.

Jordan Joseph Wadden is a PhD student in the Department of Philosophy at UBC. His primary fields of interests are in bioethics and the philosophy of medicine, focusing on issues of access to healthcare and the role of patient testimony. He regularly engages in public philosophy; his recent public lecture on the importance of motivating research into testimony in medicine can be heard here<> To see more of Jordan's work, visit his personal website.<>

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Feb 9-Feb 9, 2019 | Sat | 10:00 AM-3:30 PM |UBC Point Grey | $50.00

Format: In-Class
Code: UQ507W19A
Offered: On Sat
Feb 9-Feb 9, 2019
From: 10:00 AM-3:30 PM

1nstructor: Jordan Joseph Wadden

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