One Day at UBC: The Environment, Adaptation and Natural Selection - The Story of Evolution

Every organism is alive today because their ancestors survived long enough to reproduce. How they did that is the story of environment, adaptation and natural selection. This one-day course, based on a class designed for non-science majors, provides an overview of the evolution of life and includes topics such as:

  • How does evolution explain the diversity of life?
  • What is natural selection and how did it differ from other theories of evolution?
  • Secrets in the bones: From the Cambrian explosion to Homo sapiens
  • The evolution of mammals and the emergence of apes
  • How did evolution shape animal brains to think and behave in certain ways?
  • How has human evolution been misused in the past and how can we learn to do better?

Eric Michael Johnson, MA, PhD received his master’s degree in evolutionary anthropology studying great apes and wrote his PhD dissertation on the history of evolutionary theory. He has written extensively on science and society for publications such as Scientific American, Discover, The National Post, Slate, Psychology Today and Times Higher Education.

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Apr 6-Apr 6, 2019 | Sat | 10:00 AM-3:30 PM |UBC Point Grey | $50.00

Format: In-Class
Code: UQ508W19A
Offered: On Sat
Apr 6-Apr 6, 2019
From: 10:00 AM-3:30 PM

1nstructor: Eric Michael Johnson

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