Getting Dressed: The Sociology of Adornment

From our choice in shoes to our jewelry, getting dressed in not simply about our personal style but is guided by social rules that both evolve and remain rigid, and have real consequences in our everyday lives. Our clothes and jewelry, even if we no longer wear them, mean something to us. Together, we break down ideas such as dressing “age appropriately,” by discussing the research, theories, and having lively debates about what we wear, why we wear it, why we keep things, and why it matters.

Dr. CARRIE YODANIS, PhD, is Associate Professor of Sociology at UBC. She recently developed and teaches a new undergraduate course, The Sociology of Creativity, and is the author of Getting Married: The Public Nature of Our Private Relationships (2016) and Getting Dressed: Conformity and Imitation in Clothing and Everyday Life (2018). 

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