Foundations and Skills in Intercultural Communication

This course can be applied to the UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies.

This course is an intensive combined offering of Foundations of Intercultural Studies and Skills in Intercultural Communication. This course provides a practical introduction to intercultural communication as a field of study: its roots, key researchers and their work, and the application of theory to practice. Review key concepts including culture, race, ethnicity, stereotypes and generalizations, values, expectations and assumptions. Consider contexts in which intercultural skills are required and explore how cultures vary. Examine your own culture and its impact on your professional and personal life. Review key communication models and consider the impact of culture on communication. Learn how to deal with miscommunication and prepare your own portfolio of tools to build intercultural competence.

This course is no longer offered. The new prerequisite course is Strategies for Effective Intercultural Communication.

Course Format

The format of this course is in-class.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.

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