The Data Science Toolbox

This course is part of the Key Capabilities in Data Science Program.

Understand how to install, maintain and use the core tools in the data scientist’s toolbox. This includes an overview of the data science tool ecosystem as well as hands-on, practical experience working with tools like code sharing and versioning software (e.g., Git & GitHub), reproducible electronic reports and presentation software (e.g., Jupyter notebook), as well as professional interactive development environments for writing code (e.g., Visual Studio Code).

What you will learn:

  • How to effectively use code sharing and versioning software to organize projects, manage file versions and collaborate with others.
  • How to create, edit and run reproducible electronic reports and presentation software containing Python code using Jupyter Notebooks.
  • How to define and correctly use a project working directory and distinguish between absolute file paths and relative file paths
  • How to write and execute code written in an interactive development environment.
  • How to install essential software for data science.
  • How to create shippable and shareable compute environments (e.g., conda environments).

This course is under development and is expected to be open for registration in 2022.  

Course Format

The format of this course is 100% online

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.