Centre for Digital Media 3D Asset Creation Bootcamp

This course is part of the UBC Future Global Leaders On-Campus program for high school students ages 15–18, and is offered at the Centre for Digital Media campus in Vancouver.

The Centre for Digital Media (CDM) 3D Asset Creation Bootcamp introduces you to the tools you will need to create 3D assets for the metaverse. Come away from this bootcamp with a basic understanding of how 3D assets are made, manipulated, and captured. Find out how these skills are being applied in building virtual worlds for various industries, including games, animation and e-commerce.

In this hands-on bootcamp, explore some virtual spaces to study existing models, and see how primitives and other techniques were used to create them. Learn how 3D objects are created, and get some practice building a model of your own in Blender. Get experience with photogrammetry – the process of scanning an object, cleaning up the data from this process, and optimizing the object for various platforms. Put all your 3D models on an online platform to show off your work.

In the two weeks, learn skills like:

  • Making your own 3D models using Blender
  • Adding texture and materials to your object to make it more realistic
  • Analyzing and repurposing existing models for various use-cases
  • Photogrammetry and cleaning up scanned objects
  • Optimizing and exporting your model to display

A camera is recommended for this bootcamp, but not required. (A phone camera is fine.)

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This bootcamp takes place at the Centre for Digital Media (CDM) campus, Monday to Friday, 9am–3pm. CDM is a state-of-the-art building located approximately 30 minutes from UBC Vancouver.

If you choose to stay on the UBC Vancouver campus, we will help you get to and from CDM by public transit, a ride of approximately 45 minutes.

Note: CDM Bootcamp students follow a different weekday schedule than UBC Vancouver students. Instead of attending afternoon workshops at the UBC Vancouver campus, Bootcamp students have access to workshop materials online. Bootcamp students also can meet other Future Global Leaders through the Virtual Student Lounge. If you choose to stay on campus, you’ll participate in evening and weekend Future Global Leaders activities.

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After you add the course to your cart, you’re asked to complete your registration by creating a new account or logging in. If you are a parent, guardian or other adult registering for the first time on behalf of your student, please create the account in the name of the high school student attending UBC Future Global Leaders, not in your name.


Available Sessions

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Jul 31, 2023-Aug 11, 2023 | Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri | 9:00 AM-3:00 PM | Centre for Digital Media | Prices Vary

Code: SA109S23C
Offered: On Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Jul 31, 2023-Aug 11, 2023
Students staying in residence should arrive in Vancouver on Sunday, July 30. Students not staying in residence should arrive at 8:15am on Monday, July 31 at the Centre for Digital Media (CDM) campus. Students are reminded that there are classes on Monday, August 7 (BC Day).
10 sessions
9:00 AM-3:00 PM Pacific Time


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$4590.00 $229.50 $4819.50
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