Buddhist Philosophy in Dialogue

Elder Scholar

Explore the rich and vibrant world of Buddhist philosophical thought, set in dialogue with Western philosophy and science. Engage with ideas from classical Buddhist cosmologies, practical ethics, psychology and mythology. Review a selection of texts and images from nearly 2,500 years of Buddhist history, focusing on accessible readings in the Pāli canon, Tibetan commentarial literature, and material from “Western” Buddhist authors and critics writing today. This course is for everyone; no prior knowledge of Buddhism is required.

MICHAEL GRIFFIN, D.Phil. is an associate professor of philosophy and classics at UBC. He regularly teaches courses in philosophy and the history of Western thought, and is professor-in-residence at UBC’s Totem Park residence for first-year students. His current projects include the Ancient Commentators series, described by The Times (UK) as “a massive scholarly endeavour of the highest importance.” He is also conducting a study of perspective-taking, empathy and applied values in undergraduate education. His recent publications include contributions to Western and Buddhist Philosophical Traditions in Dialogue (Springer, 2018) and translations from the philosophical classroom of the later Roman Empire.

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