The Brain and Behaviour

What can neural abnormalities tell us about the brain and behaviour? Is pain all in your head? Can you learn information you haven’t consciously perceived? What happens to the brain when you oversleep? In this course, examine these questions and other topics related to the brain and behaviour. 

Day 1: Anatomy and Function. Brain anatomy and general purpose, hemispheric specialization, and development of the brain.

Day 2: The Anatomy of the Neuron. Neuron types, how they function, and how they communicate. 

Day 3: Attention and Consciousness. How various aspects of attention can be intact while other aspects are completely absent and the role of consciousness in perception.

Day 4: Pain and the Brain. How is the sensation of pain created in the body? Can people experience pain in a limb that doesn’t exist?

Day 5: Plasticity and Compensation. Discuss the many ways the brain compensates for damage to neural tissues.

ALANNAH WALLACE is a PhD candidate in cognitive science at the University of British Columbia where she studies learning, the electrophysiology of the visual attention network, and neural/behavioural compensation in individuals experiencing difficulties with attention.

Course Format

This course is offered in-person at the UBC Vancouver campus.

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