AWS Academy Cloud Foundations - Self-Paced

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations Self-Pacedoffers a real-world understanding of cloud computing concepts in the context of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Understand AWS core services, security, architecture, pricing and support.
Who It’s For
The course is suitable for those with limited technical backgrounds. Consider this course if you’re:
  • in business, marketing or sales role
  • an IT business decision maker
  • a manager familiar with digital and information technology
  • a recent graduate from an institute, college or university program and want to add cloud computing to your skillset

Save on the certification exam

The course offers the skills and knowledge you need to pursue AWS Certified Cloud Practitionercertification. Upon completing this course, receive a 50% discount voucher good toward the examfee (a value of approximately CAD$65). 

In this course, learn how to:

  • Explain how AWS pricing works and how AWS compares to traditional providers
  • Identify the global infrastructure components of AWS
  • Describe the security and compliance measures of the AWS Cloud
  • Create a virtual private cloud network for usage with compute services
  • Demonstrate when to use the various types of compute services
  • Differentiate between AWS storage services and the different levels of latency
  • Demonstrate when to use AWS database services and the difference between SQL and NoSQL
  • Explain the architectural principles of building solutions on the AWS Cloud
  • Explore key concepts related to distributed computing, monitoring, and reliability

Get the most up-to-date cloud computing training 

AWS experts develop and maintain course content for the AWS Academy. Regular course updates reflect the pace of innovation, new releases, best practices and the latest cloud computing technology. AWS content in this course includes 10 learning modules, six labs, a case study and one free practice exam.

Module 1 - Cloud Concepts Overview
Module 2 - Cloud Economics and Billing
Module 3 - AWS Global Infrastructure Overview
Module 4 - AWS Cloud Security
Module 5 - Networking and Content Delivery
Module 6 - Compute
Module 7 - Storage
Module 8 - Databases
Module 9 - Cloud Architecture
Module 10 - Auto Scaling and Monitoring

Enhanced Content to Help You Succeed 

In addition to AWS-authored content, our course offers content you won’t find anywhere else, including Canadian case studies and video lessons, screencasts of labs and a marked quiz. Connect with your peers using the online discussion forum.

Course Format

Each AWS Academy Cloud Foundations Self-Paced session has a registration start and end date. Because courses are 100% online and self-paced, you can register and begin the course at any time within the date range.

You progress through the course on your own time and at your own pace, and can access course materials anytime for up to 12 months. Expect to spend a total of 20–22 hours to complete AWS Academy Cloud Foundations Self-Paced.

Available Sessions

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May 1, 2021-Aug 31, 2021 | Online | $350.00

Format: Online, Self-paced
Code: ME011S21O
May 1, 2021-Aug 31, 2021


Fees / Tuition

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$350.00 $17.50 $367.50