Artificial Intelligence and Society: The Impact of Machine Learning Systems

This course is part of the UBC Future Global Leaders On-Campus program for high school students ages 15–18.

We can now build powerful machine learning algorithms – a set of steps for a computer to accomplish a task – that appear to exhibit creativity and ingenuity without the undesirable biases that affect human decision-making.

In this course, examine three critical questions:
1) What sort of creativity, if any, do algorithms really exhibit?
2) What possible sources of bias, if any, might actually influence algorithmic decisions? and,
3) Given the growing reliance on algorithms in various professions, what type of jobs, if any, will be left to human beings?

This course is ideal if you’re interested in artificial intelligence, creativity, art, governance or the ethics of technology.

KOUSAKU YUI, PhD Candidate, is a philosopher of cognitive science. His research focuses on the self, social cognition and emotions. He also has research interests in aesthetics, comparative philosophy and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

Course Format

This course is held on the UBC Vancouver campus. You attend class in-person 9am–12pm, Monday through Friday. After lunch, you attend university preparation workshops and participate in group activities on campus from 1:30–3pm. 

You can also join the Virtual Student Lounge, hosted by our UBC Student Ambassadors. Meet other Future Global Leaders from across Canada and around the world.

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