Academic Writing Toolkit for ESL/EAL Learners

This course is part of the UBC Future Global Leaders Online program for high school students ages 15–18.

Gain the academic writing skills key to first-year university success in this lively and interactive course. If you’re studying English as a second or additional language, Academic Writing introduces you to university writing, and the standards professors and instructors expect from you.

Discover how to:

- identify the audience for whom you’re writing, the purpose of your writing, and the style you should be using for that type of writing (genre)

- develop tools and strategies to build your academic vocabulary

- produce a variety of sentence types with accuracy

- use transition words when writing

- recognize plagiarism (taking someone else’s ideas), and how to avoid it by practising paraphrasing and summarizing.

What to expect in your course

You complete this course and assignments, exercises and quizzes at your own pace. There’s no need to be online at specific times – login anytime from anywhere. Expect to spend about 8–10 hours per week reading online, listening to podcasts, completing assignments, exercises and quizzes, and participating in discussion boards.

You spend about 10 hours per week logged on to UBC’s interactive and easy-to-use online learning application. During the course, you:

  • interact with your classmates in discussion forums
  • chat online one-on-one with your instructor 
  • receive detailed feedback on your writing
  • use and apply e-learning resources
  • complete activities and quizzes.
  • During the course, you complete two or more writing assignments and receive detailed feedback from your team of instructors (please note assignments are assessed, but are not assigned a grade). Although you can do assignments, exercises and quizzes at your own pace, you must complete each module before moving on to the next. All assignments must be handed on or before the last Saturday of the course to receive instructor feedback, unless you receive prior approval from your instructor. Course materials are available for two weeks after the final Sunday of the course, after which you won’t be able to login to the course. You’ll need access to a computer and reliable internet connection.

At the end of the course, receive individualized feedback from your instructor on your writing sample.

maximum of 25 students are enrolled in each course section to allow time for students to interact with their instructor and classmates.

English proficiency

You self-assess your English proficiency level, and are not required to provide proof. We recommend students have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent.

Course Format

You complete this course at your own pace, meaning you can log on at any time, from anywhere you are. There are no virtual classes or scheduled class times.

During the course, you can expect to spend about 8–10 hours per week reading, listening to podcasts, completing assignments, exercises and quizzes, and participating in discussion boards.

Learning Technology
We use Canvas, an intuitive and easy-to-use web-based learning application. You will receive instructions to access this application two business days before your first class.

UBC Extended Learning suggests that you have the following technology and expertise in order to keep up with the program and complete assignments online:

  • access to a computer using Windows or Mac OS
  • a reliable internet connection. a computer operating system that meets the following minimum specifications:
    • Windows XP SP2 Home/Pro
    • Mac OS X 10.4

You can also use your IOS or Android mobile device by downloading the Canvas App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

After you register, you are directed to create an account. If you are a parent, guardian or other adult registering, please create the account in the name of the high school student attending UBC Future Global Leaders, not in your name.

Available Sessions

Course currently not available for registration.