How to Submit a Project Proposal

***Submissions for the 22/23 CLAF cycle are now closed***

  • Only proponents who received notification of approval to proceed to the proposal development stage can submit a proposal. No other proposals will be accepted.
  • Units/schools/departments/Faculties will be asked to provide feedback on full proposals prior to adjudication. 
  • Before proceeding, please review all of the criteria for CLAF.
  • The CLAF team is available for consultation on your proposal up to three weeks before the final proposal deadline July 27.
  • Applicants are asked not to forward applications directly to their executive director or dean’s office, or to the Office of the Provost and VP Academic.
  • All proposals must be submitted via email (along with relevant attachments as outlined in the proposal template) as a Word doc or PDF to
  • Late proposals will not be accepted.

Project Proposal Template

Submissions are required to use this template. Please fill it in completely and send as an attachment to your submission email to

  • Proposals should be written in a language that is understandable to a non-specialist. Bullet points, where possible, are preferred. All sections within the template must be completed.
  • The italicized text provides context and suggestions on answering each section. When completing the template, please delete the italicized text in each section from your proposal submission.
  • We have created a project budget worksheet. It must accompany your project proposal submission as an .xls file.
  • You’re required to consult or check-in with the CLAF team ( about your budget before submitting your proposal.