Centre for Intercultural Communication Programs for Organizations

For over 30 years, the UBC Extended Learning Centre for Intercultural Communication has developed and delivered educational programs for individuals and groups, from international and Canadian-based organizations. From strengthening the skills of diversity champions in your organization through our online certificate courses or offering in-house workshops to your teams, these programs are designed with your specific interests in mind.

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Diversity and Inclusion Workshops

Workplaces are changing and becoming more diverse around the globe. As Western Canada's leading cross-cultural training institution, our innovative methods help organizations cultivate a work environment that values diversity, enabling them to build high performance multicultural and international teams and communities.

  • Have you noticed any disconnect or miscommunication between co-workers from different cultures in your organization?
  • Are you looking for strategies to help people from different backgrounds work well together?
  • Are you looking for ways to communicate more effectively with your diverse client base?
  • Do you want to ensure that the talents and expertise of your diverse workforce are being accessed and drawn upon for full employee engagement?
  • Do you want tips and strategies for working through the challenge of diverse teams to be able to access the increased innovation and creativity that diversity can offer?

If so, these workshops can be offered in-house in your organization, by request:

  • Cross-Cultural Interviewing
  • Engaging and Retaining a Diversity Workforce
  • Strategies for Success with Culturally Diversity Learners
  • The Intercultural Campus: Concepts and Strategies for Inclusion

For more in-depth capacity building for your organization, consider enrolling a team of diversity champions in the UBC Award of Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion or the full UBC Certificate in Intercultural Studies program.

Please contact us for a consultation on services to best meet your organizational needs.

Canada-China Professional Exchange Programs


We have been offering training programs and services specifically developed to match the needs and interests of Chinese professionals, since 1982.

In 2009, UBC was recognized and certified by China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) as an official designated training centre for programs for Chinese government organizations.

Program Highlights

Lectures Combined with Site Visits
Designed with participants' experience and career focus in mind, we combine theory with practice through lectures and arranged site visits to companies and government departments, giving you the chance to interact with leading academic and experienced practitioners in your field.

Professional Interpretation and Intercultural Expertise
All training programs are offered through professional interpretation in Mandarin. Some lecture materials may be translated. The programs are facilitated with intercultural expertise to ensure that you have the substantial opportunities to exchange knowledge effectively with your Canadian counterparts.

Flexible Program-Length
Explore two- to four-week short-term programs, or engage in long-term programs of up to one year. The length of the program can be adapted according to your needs and the SAFEA guideline requirements.

UBC Awards of Completion
Upon completion of the program you will receive a University of British Columbia Award of Completion at a farewell reception.

Variety of Program Topics
We can design professional exchange programs over a wide range of topics. Recent customized programs have included:

  • early childhood development
  • secondary school education
  • teaching methodology
  • ageing and social services
  • media and communications
  • sustainable development
  • construction
  • arbitration.

Client List

  • Arbitration Commission of Xiamen
  • China National Committee on Ageing
  • Hubei Public Health Bureau
  • Human Resources professionals from Jin Shan District, Shanghai
  • Human Resources professionals from Qing Pu District, Shanghai
  • Qinghai Housing and Urban-Rural Development
  • Shanghai Jin Shan Education Bureau
  • Shanghai Media Group
  • Shanghai Municipal Auditors
  • Shanghai Population and Family Planning Commission
  • Shanghai Port Administration
  • Shanghai Pudong Sports Commission

Please contact us for more information.