Language and Translation Programs

Thanks to modern modes of communication and transportation that allow us to easily communicate with each other across borders and boundaries, the global village is a reality. This has deepened our need to understand and appreciate other languages and cultures.

In our increasingly technological world, it’s easy to forget that at the heart of communication is the ability to speak and to listen. Learning to speak a language in a classroom setting helps build your ability to interact with and learn from others, and build human connections. Our conversational language courses are designed to get you speaking in your target language from the very first class.

Our in-class courses take place at the UBC Vancouver campus in Point Grey or in downtown Vancouver at UBC Robson Square. We also offer 100% online courses focusing on reading, writing, translation and interpretation.

Programs and courses include:

  • Languages - conversational courses in several languages, including French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and American Sign Language, certificate programs or awards of achievement in French, Spanish and Chinese
  • Translation and Interpretation - courses and programs in translation and interpretation.

Starting as the Language Institute in 1969, we have evolved to offer conversation courses in several languages in two locations, online courses, and courses in translation and interpretation. We offer Certificates and Awards of Achievement for those who have specific language learning goals, as well as professional training through our translation and interpretation programs. Our goal is to share our passion for language learning with you and to help you communicate and connect with the diverse world that surrounds you.


Our language courses are taught by a team of engaging, passionate instructors who are experienced in adult education. All are native speakers who share are eager to share their languages and cultures with their students.

Translation and interpretation program instructors are university-educated with experience teaching languages, as well as translating and interpreting in professional settings. They are able to offer insight into the realities of working as a professional in this field.