Mark Winter

UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching

Mark Winter is General Manager of Macdonald Realty's Vancouver offices. Originally from Oxford, England, Mark started as a Macdonald Realty Realtor® 23 years ago, and has been on the company's management team since 1998.

What do you do at Macdonald Realty?
One of my main responsibilities is hiring and retaining our sales associates. My true passion is inspiring people, empowering them to fulfil their goals and objectives, and helping them become successful. Success means different things to all of us, so it is intriguing to help someone reflect on what success means to them.

How has your approach to working with your sales associates changed?
I'm in an industry in which "mentoring" is sometimes mistaken for "coaching". If an associate expresses a desire to increase their business, a mentoring response might be "If your goal is to increase your business, why don't you try X, Y, and Z?"

My coach approach is to ask intelligent and thought-provoking questions. It leads people to find answers within themselves, which is far more genuine and sustainable. So if I used a coach approach in the same conversation, I would first want to ask powerful questions to ascertain why increasing their business is important to them, and then empower them through an invisibly-framed process.

"My coaching style is to ask intelligent and thought-provoking questions. It leads people to find the answers themselves which in itself is far more genuine and much more sustainable. Coaching is performance enabling and performance enhancing."

What has the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching meant for your role and career?
The program has been tangibly helpful, and has been invaluable to the quality of my interactions at work. The frameworks the courses instilled in us are really powerful. I have strong people skills, but the program really refined my ability to provide this framework for any kind of coaching conversation.

How is Macdonald Realty benefitting from your coaching skills?
One sales associate I coached while I was in the program really stands out for me. I coached her over six sessions and the incremental changes in her were impressive. She gained a fundamental understanding of her motivations, and her confidence and belief in herself skyrocketed, translating into higher sales success.

What was your biggest takeaway from the certificate program?
One of the things the courses taught me was about attitude. There was one audited coaching session for which I didn't receive a particularly good grade. When I spoke to my Mentor Coach Pooja Khandelwal about my results, her response was, "That's great! What a learning opportunity! That's what you are here for." The attitude Pooja brought to me that day resonates deeply within me. It's how you see the increments of growth on your journey. It's how you show up.