Katie Woodford

Katie Woodford, RN, CPN(C), CNE, is a certified perioperative nurse and clinical nurse educator in Fort MacMurray, AB. At her hospital, she oversees orientation for new hires, runs courses in perioperative nursing, and trains operating room nurses. She shared with us her experiences in the UBC Certificate in Biomedical Visualization and Communication program.

A Lifetime Interest in Art

“I’ve been working as a nurse all my professional life. I call it my ‘nursing bubble’! I’ve always been interested in art, and in finding ways to communicate medical concepts efficiently and accurately.”

Bridging Art and Science for a Healthier Society

“I applied for this certificate so I could find ways to communicate medical concepts efficiently, and learn the tools to create accurate information that’s easily understood. Accurate information creates a healthier society.

I didn’t have the background for a full medical illustration program, and have never done digital art, but I wanted a way to push myself to do the things I had been interested in for a while. This program bridges the gap between art and science.”

Joy During the Pandemic

“It’s amazing that this program is fully online. I wasn’t in a position to leave my job, and I live in a remote community. The modules have been great. You can do so much with the assignments, and play with different media. It’s been a very positive journey, and brought me joy during the pandemic.”

Delightful Classmates, Passionate Instructors

“My cohort is full of enthusiastic, interesting and delightful people who want make change for good. Everyone is encouraging and supportive, and has a thirst for knowledge. I’ve learned from them and their experiences.

Dr. Claudia Krebs is such a passionate instructor. She made me fall in love with anatomy again!”

Surprise and Ah-Ha Moments

“I wasn’t expecting so much content on user experience and design. It’s very eye opening for me. Both UX and design are so important for accessibility, and add a different perspective. I also really appreciate the focus on empathy and compassionate listening. There are many marginalized groups in our society, and we need to find ways to bring the same level of health care to these groups.”

What’s Next for Katie

“It’s so refreshing to bring art into nursing. I’ve been concerned about the side effects people are experiencing while waiting for surgery during the pandemic. I’d like to make resources for them – what they should watch out for while waiting for a procedure, for example.

I’m also looking forward to using art to share research papers and science literature with my colleagues and in my training courses.”

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