Joyce Craig

Student, Languages and Translation Programs

Over the past 20 years, Joyce Craig has enrolled in many French language courses with UBC Extended Learning. Although these courses are available in the daytime, evening and on weekends, she usually enrols in the Saturday morning classes as they have a relaxed, social atmosphere. In the past, Joyce has also enjoyed taking the three-week French immersion institutes that are offered in the summer at the UBC Vancouver campus.

Joyce enjoys the friendly and interactive approach the instructors bring to the courses. "The instructors are really interested in building your speaking skills and are always engaging students in conversation," says Joyce.

For Joyce, the highlight of learning French has been the opportunity to speak the language in an immersion setting. Over the last eight years, she has travelled on four UBC French language immersion trips: in France to Tours, Nice and Perpignan, and in Canada to Quebec City. The most rewarding aspect of the trips for Joyce has been the opportunity to stay with a local host family. "It gives you such insight as to how the local French people live when you are able to be part of their family, shop at their local stores, and take public transit."

Language immersion travel programs offer real-life opportunities for participants to practise and improve their French through trips and excursions throughout the selected region, accompanied by a UBC instructor. The programs are generally two weeks in length and consist of morning language classes and afternoon tours to explore the culture and history of each region.

While Joyce doesn't have any travel trips arranged for the near future, she does plan to continue with her passion for French by learning the language and living the culture on Saturday mornings.