Bhashini Devabhaktuni

After earning her bachelor's degree in IT, Bhashini Devabhaktuni started her career as a business intelligence developer. Today, she’s a technology analyst for Infosys Ltd. where she’s responsible for data analysis, engineering and visualization, as well as ETL development on Microsoft Azure.

What led you to pursue Key Capabilities in Data Science?

I’ve worked with the end-to-end lifecycle of data for a long time, everything from data extraction and cleansing, to building data warehouses, to creating visualizations.

I enrolled in Key Capabilities in Data Science because I thought it would be interesting to play with data, and get some decision-making business insights and predictions. Data science is the perfect place for me to achieve these things and further grow in my career.

It’s not equivalent to the UBC Master of Data Science (MDS) program, but a part of it is available through Key Capabilities in Data Science.

What were some key factors that helped you decide to choose this program?

I was looking for a more project-driven course, and UBC offered the best curriculum. One of the major aspects of this program is that it uses a practical approach to solving a problem, rather than a theoretical approach. The curriculum seemed more interesting too, and the final project attracted me. When I saw that the professors are from the MDS program, I enrolled immediately.

What have been your key takeaways and learnings so far?

I have learned quite a bit from this program, including Python programming and ML models used for prediction. I have watched many videos, but nothing is as clear as this program. All the concepts are explained clearly and there are assignments after each module. I loved the project.

Were there any surprises or ah-ha moments for you?

Oh yes! I was surprised when I assumed something about the data and the ML model predicted something else. It was exciting and I had lots of fun solving the problems.

How do you plan to apply your learning?

I plan on completing the program and get into a healthcare company in a data science role. I am seeing so much research going on in that front and would love to contribute something in healthcare field.

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