Rachel Speiran

Over the last 15 years, Rachel has worked for a wide range of international and intercultural organizations related to business, development, cross-cultural relations, and wellbeing. Originally from Montreal, Québec, she obtained her BA in Psychology with a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, B.C. Subsequently she worked as a volunteer intern at an environmental NGO in Paraguay. As a member of AFS Interculture Canada's board of directors, she focused on strategic partnership development for CIDA funded youth exchanges within the Caribbean Region. As program coordinator and president of SIETAR BC (Society of Intercultural Education, Training and Research), Rachel facilitated community outreach and diverse programming efforts. At the UBC Centre for Intercultural Communication, she worked as a program manager and instructor on a variety of campus, community and corporate programs. During that time, Rachel completed her MA in Adult Education. Her research focused on the connections between adult education, intercultural relations and corporate social responsibility in the Canadian mining industry. In her present role as community development specialist for a consulting firm in Guelph, Ontario, Rachel’s work involves socio-economic and land use impact assessments and community engagement programs that integrate local values, rights and interests into project design and planning. Her area of focus is advocating for, and creating, culturally relevant processes for communication, community participation and decision-making in natural resource management and sustainable community economic development initiatives.