Paige Blumer

PAIGE BLUMER, MS, is a biomedical visualization specialist at the Hackspace for Innovation and Visualization in Education (HIVE), curating online and virtual educational materials for UBC’s medical and health professional undergraduate programs.

As a kinesiology student, she noticed the lack of visuals in science and medical education. Her experiences inspired Paige to obtain her certificate in Art Fundamentals from Sheridan College. In 2013, she worked as a junior medical illustrator with the McGill University Health Centre Patient Education Office, creating visual patient education materials that empowered patients to manage their health and recovery upon discharge from the hospital.

She is a graduate of the Master of Biomedical Visualization program from the University of Illinois at Chicago. As a student, she researched adverse childhood experiences. For her master’s thesis, she created a website called AcesMadeVisible, which aims to teach young healthcare professionals about the physiological toll childhood trauma has on the brain and body.