Maly Friedel

Maly Friedel is an intercultural trainer, coach and facilitator, who prepares people for cross-cultural encounters. She develops and provides customized services such as cross-cultural communication workshops, pre-departure training and destination country guides for international assignees. She holds a Certificate in Intercultural Studies from UBC, an MBA with specialization in Marketing & International Business from Concordia University, Montreal, and a BA in English & Political Sciences from Haifa University, Israel.

Her over 25-year career was all with large multinational companies. She taught ESL/EFL across a spectrum of ages, was Principal of a school for expatriate students, and held executive positions in domestic & international marketing and business management. Some of her work experience includes exporting to over 30 countries worldwide; daily international & cross-cultural communication; managing a diverse local staff; and training/coaching domestic & foreign associates, staff and clients. A few years ago she shifted her career interest, channeling lifelong fascination with people, cultures and languages of the world to focus on the cross-cultural arena. A native of Israel, she has relocated several times, living and working for 6 years in Nigeria, and over 15 in Canada. A Toronto-based immigrant to Canada, her international exposure includes extensive business and leisure travel to over 40 countries, in various parts of the world. She also speaks six languages.