Justine Fox

JUSTINE FOX (They, Them, Their) specializes in designing and implementing solutions on cloud service provider infrastructure. They are an AWS Academy Accredited Instructor, and teach primarily at BC post-secondary institutions. Justine’s classes focus on real-world, in-demand skills based on their experience in the workforce, with content customized for the Canadian context.

In addition to their work with AWS Academy and AWS Educate, Justine also works as a director of software engineering at Mastercard, where they have been growing a DevOps culture by building diverse and inclusive teams, promoting a collaborative development environment, and enabling end-to-end ownership of product features.

Justine has also been successful at establishing inter-team communication and knowledge sharing sessions, which have enabled junior, intermediate and senior engineers to share and showcase their learning. Many Mastercard engineers have attained cloud certifications within months of joining their team.

Justine’s other notable accomplishments at Mastercard include adopting standardized tools and processes for software development and deployment on cloud service providers (with a focus on the AWS Cloud), enhancing software scalability and workload isolation through a microservice architecture, and enabling in-depth visibility of software metrics, logs and traces for governance and security.

They hold a Bachelor of Technology in Network Security and Administration from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Visit their website to learn more about Justine.