Julie Stockton

Julie Stockton, EdD, Graduate Certificates in Adult Education (Saint Francis Xavier), Creative Leadership (Royal Roads), and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (UBC), is the Director of Human Resources, Organizational Development & Learning at UBC and a faculty member with the Adler School of Professional Psychology. She has been working in the field of Organization and Staff Development since 1989 providing consultative and facilitation support to organizations striving to effect positive change. Working primarily in the public service sector, Julie’s primary focus has been to build capacity for learning, leadership and appreciative space.

She spent several years in health care before joining UBC in 2000 and has consulted to organizations such as Royal Roads University, B.C. Rehab Paraplegic Society, BC Arthritis Society, B.C. Centre for Disease Control Society, and the Department of National Defence. Founder and Principal of J.M.S. Consulting, and co-founder of Poiesis Consulting for Generative Action, Julie is a Consulting Partner with the Corporation for Positive Change.