Indy Batth

Indy Batth (MA, CEC) weaves together a unique combination of skills that takes an integrative, holistic approach to her work as a coach, educator and facilitator.  Her knowledge and experience in neuroscience, positive psychology, cultural competence and leadership development is integrated with and applied through a critical lens, using feminist and anti-racist theories.  Indy is trained in the art and science of coaching, personal health & well being, and brings extensive experience and commitment to inclusion, social change and transformative leadership for individuals, groups, communities and organizations. She is committed to social justice and a belief that mind, body, heart and soul are interconnected.

Indy has over 20 years experience working within higher education supporting students in their personal and leadership development, academic success, and as global citizens.  She has a proven track record in facilitating diverse teams, with strengths in collaboration, developing others, interpersonal and intercultural communication, leadership development and strategic thinking.

Indy has worked with a broad range of individuals including girls & women, athletes with disabilities, university and college students (international and domestic), and professionals in the workplace committed to change, inclusion and diversity.

A UBC alumnus, Indy completed a Master of Arts in Education with a specific focus on gender, race, culture and physical activity. As an avid life-long learner, she’s continued her pursuit of knowledge including the following: Certificate in Executive Coaching through Royal Roads University; Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW); Deep Democracy, The Micro-Skills of Leadership, Collaboration and Facilitating Collective Change; and Neuroscience, Consciousness and Transformational Leadership Advanced Coaching. 

Indy is also Past President of SIETAR-BC (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research).