Dani Willetts

Ms. Willetts was employed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in 1989 where she served in various senior roles until her recent retirement. Ms. Willetts has extensive experience in every inland immigration program and several overseas programs. Although substantively a decision maker and supervisor, her career also included opportunities to work in several other capacities including Intelligence Liaison Officer, Justice Liaison Officer, Regional Program Advisor, Senior Policy Advisor, PRRA Coordinator, Visa Officer, Manager, Director, and Supervisor in charge of outreach for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Regional Training Coordinator. Dani was a certified departmental and interdepartmental trainer and a frequently requested speaker for external partners including NGO’s, other government departments, the Immigration Section of the Canadian Bar Associations, CAPIC, and Universities and Colleges.

While employed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ms. Willetts was recognized nationally three times for her initiatives in outreach and service. She has received the Head of the Public Service Award, The Deputy Ministers Award, and the Public Service Award of Excellence. She has also been recognized several times as a trainer, both departmentally and interdepartmentally. Ms. Willetts has been a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) since August 2013.

What does Dani Willetts teach?