Brian Taguchi

Brian Taguchi, BSc (Hons), BTeach, PCC, is Program Leader for the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching and joined UBC Extended Learning in 2019. He is also a practising leadership and performance coach, facilitator and consultant for various private consultancies, both local and virtual.

Since starting in experiential education and outdoor leadership in 1994, Brian has been drawn to partnering with people in high-stakes situations. He offers a transdisciplinary approach that leverages the power of deep exploration with structure and pragmatism. Embracing a holistic systems approach, he encourages leaders to work directly with root thinking patterns with an emergent focus to make the most of their full range of their leadership and decision-making abilities.

Always working in context, Brian helps leaders create structure and accountability for themselves and their teams. In the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching program, he joyfully creates from the intersection of his strengths in education, coaching and entrepreneurship.

“Your behavior is proof of your beliefs.” - Unknown.