Bailey Lo

BAILEY LO, BSc, has been instructing UBC students since 2018, and currently works as a program coordinator for the UBC Biomedical Visualization and Communication (BMVC) certificate program. Her teaching endeavours have included sexual health education, leadership workshops in the service industry, and foundational biomedical sciences tutoring and academic support. Bailey has also worked at the Hackspace for Innovation and Visualization in Education (HIVE) where she created online interactive physiology modules for UBC health professions students.

Bailey’s career started out in pursuit of becoming a healthcare provider. She was a primary care paramedic and later studied midwifery. However, Bailey is most at home when supporting other learners to succeed and engage with their studies, and transitioned from healthcare to education. She’s passionate about making biomedical knowledge accessible to students from any background, and believes a classroom—virtual or not—should be a place of empowerment and self-discovery.

Bailey holds a bachelor of science from Queen’s University, is a graduate of the Primary Care Paramedic program from the Justice Institute of British Columbia, and is pursuing a master’s degree.