Anne Hewling

Anne Hewling, PhD, is an educator specialising in intercultural issues in learning and teaching. Born in the UK, she has lived and worked in France and Sudan, although her home for most of the last twelve years has been Botswana in Southern Africa. For 14 years she worked for The British Council managing education projects across a number of countries in Africa and the South Pacific. In 1997 she became a freelance instructor and instructional designer whilst also managing her own business, a used bookstore in Botswana. She has master degrees in education and in research methods and a PhD for which she looked at cultural issues in globally recruiting distance education online. Many of the projects that Anne has worked on in recent years have concerned the environment. In particular she has written texts on desertification and on waste management for use in secondary schools in Botswana and has evaluated tree planting initiatives undertaken by schools across the country. Presently Anne is working for the UK Open University.