Andrea Fruhling

ANDREA FRUHLING, COC, is the founding director of Doubleknot Works, a private mentor coaching practice, and is a mentor coach and instructor for the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching at UBC. Andrea is also the instructional designer and a lead instructor for both the Career Coaching Masterclass course, and the Certification in Hope-Action Theory & Practice course, which is offered to career professionals globally. She’s the only Hope-Action Theory expert-level trainer in the world, and a leader for the International Coaching Federation’s Career Coaching Community of Practice.

An expert in organizational coaching, career development and creativity, Andrea develops and delivers programs for career professionals and coaches, and provides leaders and organizations the tools they need to increase their impact and create a culture where people can thrive.  

Andrea has delivered webinars, keynote presentations and workshops for national and international career development conferences, organizations and associations. Her work is practical and engaging, with a focus on creativity, active strengths-based learning, team engagement and hope.

What does Andrea Fruhling teach?