Alejandra Zepeda

Alejandra Ortiz Niño de Zepeda is an international developer focusing on Gender and Food Sovereignty in Latin America. She has worked for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and as a consultant for the Duke Center for International Development in a World Food Programme funded project. She was previously a professor of Economics of Development at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez in Chile and Project Formulation and Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso.

Alejandra has experience in several Latin American countries including Ecuador, Bolivia and Honduras. She has also researched food security issues in Brazil, Mexico and Chile. She has a Masters degree in International Development from Duke University, where she earned the Ann MacDougal Award for her research in Gender and Education in Latin America. Alejandra has also published papers about Food Security. One of her most recent publications is a co-edited FAO book about the impact of Cash Transfers Programs on Nutrition, also contributing a chapter on Food Security, Gender and Nutrition in Latin America. 

Her experience in the fight against hunger in Latin America is a life project that involves not only her professional experience but also her personal commitment with those who are suffering from hunger, especially women.